By Joel Norton

Maintain regular contact
Now that you’ve started building a marketing list, you need to communicate with your customers and prospects.
Frequency of contact is difficult to advise without knowing your business, as it really depends on what is appropriate for your business category. For example, if you’re a retailer of high-frequency consumables then weekly or fortnightly is acceptable, however a retailer who sells digital cameras would probably only communicate monthly.
At the very least, you should be communicating at least every 90 days.
What do you say? Obviously you need to deliver on what they registered for originally – advance notice of new products, access to special offers or promotions. You can also include product reviews, customer reviews, invite them to VIP events where you run ‘how to’ demonstrations or advance showings of new products.

Leverage your Existing Customers
Referral marketing is one of the most powerful marketing techniques available, yet many businesses do not have a defined referral marketing system in place.
First and foremost, you need to be referable. Your customers are not going to promote you if you offer a lousy product or service. Next, you need to target your existing customers – start with your best customers, as they’ll generally refer people who are most like themselves.
Then you need to educate them on your Ideal Customer so they’re not just promoting you to anybody and everybody. And make sure you provide an appropriate offer for both your customer, and the prospect. Lastly, make sure you follow-up your customers and remind them about the promotion on a regular basis. You could incorporate a leader board, or potentially change or refresh the incentive every few months to provide a reason to re-contact your customers about the program.

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