People should  only give referrals (referron) to people they know, like and trust.

To get a referral , you must be referrable - 

An absolute prerequisite is that you need to have a great product or service - you need to go beyond 

- provide a wow service-

- helping the customer profit more or produce more 

- provide a value to the customer 

Giving a Referral (making a referron) is a risk - the person is risking his reputation that the business will provide a great product or service to the referred person . They need to have trust and faith in you that you will provide an exemplary service 

5  Gems to be referrable

1. Be likeable 

2. Be reliable - be there when the customer needs you - be the best - 

3. Be the expert in your field that breeds customer confidence - have a track record 

4. Be trustworthy - you will act in the customers best interest 

5. Be a resource in your field