By Dan Dougherty

Your business delivers excellent service and products yet you still do not get enough of the best possible leads - personal referrals.  These leads have the fastest sales cycles, highest close rates and a proven proclivity towards more satisfied customers.  In fact, customers that were referred to your business are far more likely to refer others and so on. So why don’t referrals scale more efficiently in  todays business world? I see four major reasons.

  1. Your Net Promoters though well intentioned often drop the ball when they see an opportunity for your business. They may see a perfect chance to refer your business but typically they wait until they reach their office computer to send an email to both parties.  During this time lag the referral “To do” either becomes de prioritized or forgotten.  And sometimes by the time they make the referral the opportunity has passed as the seeker has found another provider.
  2. Another problem is what I will call the “Single Connect”.  Our studies show that promoters will often refer you and your business but never communicate this referral back to you and your business. You are running blind and can’t track or follow up on a referral you never received. 
  3. Poor tracking and internal processes can have an adverse impact on close rates  It can be cumbersome for a business to keep track of all referrals via traditional methods. Emails are lost in the inbox, slips may get misplaced, business cards are filed and forgotten and phone messages are separate all together.  
  4. Missed Thank You’s.  Often a Provider never knows a referral was made (Problem #2 – Single Connect) and as a result after the business is closed they don’t properly thank the Promoter. Sometimes they are aware who gave the referral but for one reason or another simply don’t follow up with common courtesy, a thank you, to inspire the Promoter to make more referrals. 

Today’s mobile technology can help with these four problems.  In my next post I will share details on how a mobile platform called Referron has solved these four problems. It has helped me scale referrals for my business and I want to refer this mobile app along with best practices to you. It's free to download onto your smartphone. In advance of my next blog post go ahead and download Referron from the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android).  Also take a moment to add a photo and complete your profile story. When people refer you using Referron this photo and story comprise the first impression and we all know the importance of a good first impression.

AuthorDan Dougherty